Care and Handling of Art

  1. Do not touch the surface of any painting or sculpture. Skin oils and acids can cause stains which can result in permanent damage.
  2. Never expose a work of art where it will receive direct sunlight, or where it will be subject to extremes of temperature and humidity.
  3. Care of Framed Artwork: Do not use paper towels, gritty cloths, ammonia or window cleaners. These scratch the surface of the plexiglass. DO USE a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning and polishing plastic.

Stephanie Han — Art Dimensions: Beyond the Palette Podcast #16: Painter, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator

Welcome back to my podcast — Art Dimensions: Beyond the Palette. Here, you’ll hear the behind-the-scenes of some of today’s great painters, sculptors, photographers, and collectors. I’m your host, Whitney Rosenson, Owner of Art Dimensions Online — your online home for art leasing and sales from over 80 talented artists.

Art Dimensions Presents: Painter, Ann Thornycroft

This short video is filled with gorgeous artworks by Ann Thornycroft. Hear about her background, inspiration and creative process. Ann’s paintings are available for lease and sale through Art Dimensions Inc.

Art Dimensions

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